The Smoker Friendly Coin

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How to try and Make Friends or Make Peace with smokers of tobacco/cigarette products?(end users)

More Abundant Life For Smokers

Enabling smokers to have all that, and more money for themselves, might mean a more abundant life for smokers.
By enabling smokers to have a more abundant life, possibly you MAKE FRIENDS or MAKE PEACE with smokers.

Ticker = 2BACCO
if an exchange only allows 5 characters for the ticker, then please use 2BACO, but it is preferred to use 2BACCO instead of 2BACO as the ticker, thank you
and if an exchange uses 2BACO instead of 2BACCO, then I ask the exchange to put a notice on the trading page to inform people that it is 2BACCO coin with 6 characters, thank you

2bacco coin is an internet currency, and people can send or receive, buy or sell with 2bacco coins over the internet,
and trade 2bacco coins with bitcoins on exchanges, and bitcoins can be exchanged for real money.

2bacco coin Wallet download below:

2bacco coin Wallet, Windows Download zip file

2bacco coin linux src

Hold Onto Your 2bacco coins!

If/when price fixing occurs, then One 2bacco coin might be pegged to the price of One Pack of 25 cigarettes!
But, 2bacco coin is one of the only coins that wants that to go down in price!

Depending on where your location is, a pack of 25 cigarettes might cost $8 to $10 maybe less or maybe more.
But a goal for 2bacco coin might be to get a pack of 25 cigarettes down to maybe 0.50 cents per pack!

If price fixing occurs, currently One 2bacco coin = $8 to $10 per coin
but if goals of 2bacco coin are achieved then One 2bacco coin = only 0.50 cents per coin

The details of this are still being worked on


"Medical tobacco is an amazing concept,
thing is though that most smokers are addicted,

and that means they all get low or zero taxation" #RT

2bacco coins can be a good investment for smokers

People spending their money on tobacco or cigarettes can invest into 2bacco coins,

and buy their cigarettes or tobacco with 2bacco coins,

and then when they spend their money on cigarettes it might not be a complete loss,

because they are supporting their investment into 2bacco coins.

2bacco RoadMap

I know some people are curious about the roadmap, or what it is that I am doing with 2bacco coin.

I am only able to give you a partial picture of what it is I am doing,

but as things develop more over time, then I should be able to reveal more then.

At this time, there are a couple of things I am doing.

In Brief:

1- Smokers Advocacy

2- Involved with 2bacco coin

The 2BACCO coin work includes trying to find:

- mining support to mine 2BACCO coins
- Exchange listings to trade 2BACCO Coins
- Payment Processor(s) to process transactions of 2BACCO Coins
- Contact stores locally and on the internet, and ask them to accept 2BACCO coins

Finding another developer(s) is perhaps the most important thing for 2bacco coin in these early days.

I have long term intent to be doing those works involved with smokers advocacy and 2bacco coin.

Tweets From 2bacco_2bacco

Some tweets from 2bacco_2bacco at twitter that I copied/pasted below for your reading enjoyment!

#Retweet if you agree with me,
that there should be Medical Tobacco/cigarettes provisioning for addicts or people under adverse circumstance

There is a Big Peace!
We Have Peace With God, Through Our Lord & Savior, Jesus Christ.
#JesusIsLord #GodRaisedJesusFromTheDead #Retweet

Jesus Christ Said: 'Make Friends With Filthy Lucre'
and that is what I am doing,
2bacco coin is obedient to Jesus in that way #PraiseGod #RT

Show the world that you care about smokers,
by supporting 2bacco coin in what way you can,
and help this message of love to get heard #RT

Support 2bacco coin, by using or accepting 2bacco coins on the internet,
and help spread this message of love to the world #Retweet

Medical tobacco is an amazing concept,
thing is though that most smokers are addicted,
and that means they all get low or zero taxation #RT

I knew a man who was injured in a car crash,
but afterwards they wouldn't provision for cigarettes/tobacco,
and poor fellow smoked butts #RT

"Happy is he who does not condemn himself in that which he allows"
but high prices and high taxation or low quality tobacco might condemn RT

There is almost nothing I enjoy more than having a cigarette after eating a steak dinner.

I think tobacco is a mild relaxer usually, but also addictive, and can be used as a bug repellant

2bacco coin is an internet currency for people who know smokers
or who want to be more friendly with smokers
#tobacco #cigarettes

2bacco coin is a crypto currency for #smokers of #tobacco or #cigarettes
with a message to make friends or make peace with smokers

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Make Friends, Make Peace With Smokers
#2bacco #2baccocoin #2bacco_coin 2bacco coin is an internet currency

'Happy is he who does not condemn himself, in that which he allows'